Sandy Hoax Kids Alive And Talking! Boom!

Sandy Hook Bombshell! Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer just put out huge new information on this interview that must go viral.  You’re going to be shocked at this one!  Wolfgang has been in communication with at least two of the Sandy Hook students who they said died!  These kids are now graduating high school and they are tired of the lies!  They want to come out and tell their story and have a normal life!  They are afraid for their lives!

Here’s the problem, because Alex Jones has censored Wolfgang Halbig for his masters ever since his Megyn Kelly interview, the lives of these kids are very much in danger!   This story needs to get out NOW!   I need every patriot to burn down Jones’ email at and tell him if he doesn’t put on Wolfgang to talk about his conversations with the "dead" kids you will never support him!  Wolfgang has proven Sandy Hook is FAKE in court and still Jones sits on his hands while Wolfgang struggles for money to prosecute them!  Jones should be giving Wolfgang a million dollars to put them all in jail!  Tell Jones to pony up the money for the lawsuits!  

We must FORCE Alex Jones to do the right thing here!  Jones has censored Wolfgang ever since his masters told him to flip flop on Sandy Hook and say it was REAL.  Same way he flip flopped after telling us for an entire day about Michael Obama but then the next day said he was kidding!  Same way he lied about Leo Wanta!   If you’re  a patriot and reading this article then I’m begging you to expose Alex Jones on this.  Email and report to me at with his answer!   I’ll bet you he runs from you!  I’ve told you guys for years, Alex is controlled opposition now I’m giving all you Alex Jones fans to put it in my face!  Get your hero to do the right thing and win this fight!   If Sandy Hoax is exposed nobody will ever believe these scum again!  Why is Alex Jones helping the deep state by censoring Wolfgang and Jim Fetzer?Why have I lost 4 Youtube channels and over 150,000 subscribers but Alex has never lost his Youtube channel?  They have to always put him in front and destroy anybody else.    

Here’s the truth about what Alex Jones did to the truth movement regarding Sandy Hoax.  Jim Fetzer will verify all of this!

Alex Jones threw Wolfgang Halbig under the bus right before he did the Megyn Kelly.  Wolfgang even went on radio shows asking why Alex threw him under the bus!  This is why Alex was put on the Illuminati Card Deck as "Agent in Place".   Now Wolfgang has been talking to the students who they said were killed!  They want to tell their story but Alex made sure Wolfgang lost exposure and will NOT put him on the program with this huge new development!  If those kids are killed now, the blood is on Alex Jones’ hands!

Here’s the background story on when Alex Jones censored his own reporters and thew Wolfgang under the bus to let the Sandy Hoaxers off the hook!  We have them now!   Wolfgang is BEGGING for his help and Jones is ignoring him and just making money off patriots while we burn as usual!

Alex Jones was caught red handed censoring his reporters and controlling what they write about Sandy Hook!  

Thanks to a sharp eyed fan who has been monitoring Alex’s treasonous activities I have shocking news to report to you.  Alex Jones has now been caught red handed censoring his own reporters over Sandy Hook and somebody even called Zionist Google and had them remove the story from the Google Cache!

Adan Salazar, one of Jones’ writers must have seen the BIN article I wrote on Jim Fetzer’s photos that prove 100% Sandy Hook was staged!  So he wrote a very fair article about it.   This article was seen and documented by a patriot who monitors Jones’ gatekeeping.  Here’s a picture of the article that proves Alex Jones did do evil and censor the truth on Sandy Hook!  His actions now place him firmly in the class of a Benedict Arnold and hopefully will wake up many who still support him.  His actions just might mean we lose our guns because Fetzer has the proof Sandy Hook was a drill and there is NO QUESTION about it!   He has the smoking gun photos!    This is OUTRAGEOUS action by Alex Jones that everybody needs to expose and share!

Here’s the article written by obvious patriot Adan Salazar who didn’t know Jones would SPIKE the story!!!  Jones has censored Jm Fetzer’s work entirely and never interviewed him even though nobody has done more on Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing hoax and 9/11!   But as Stew Webb has reported, Alex Jones has CIA handlers as this censorship proves!   His handlers DID NOT want you learning the truth from Fetzer!   His handlers do not want to bring Obama down for fraud over Sandy Hook!


Tweeted a link!


But within hours, Alex dropped the hammer down on his writer Salazar and his article was suddenly removed!  Salazar must be an innocent patriot and was most likely not aware that Alex Jones censors all information his Zionist masters do not fully approve.  This is why Alex erased his David Duke interview from Youtube because it exposed him as a Zionist shill when he tried to bring a knife to a gun fight with David Duke!  It was so damaging Alex Jones had to remove it!  

The article Salazar wrote was yanked down without any explanation!  

Fortunately some web services maintained a copy of it to prove Jones’ censorship of the smoking gun Sandy Hook evidence!  We can prove PROVE Alex Jones is a gatekeeper serving the interests of Obama and his effort to take our guns by his censorship all the Dual Israeli citizens in our government all of which want our guns!

As folks began to react to this censorship by InfoWars, the Google Cache copy of the InfoWars article was suddenly deleted as well replaced with this 404 message.

So either InfoWars or some other party went to the trouble of contacting Google and having this article completely WIPED!  Is it because this information is so damaging, it could bring down Obama?  Why is Alex Jones now helping prop up Obama by censoring the smoking gun photos proving Sandy Hook was  a drill?

Was InfoWars ordered to delete their article because it includes this picture credited to Connecticut State Police – showing police preparations at Sandy Hook School BEFORE the alleged event happened? 

Why has InfoWars proven me right about them once again and joined the nationwide blackout on Jim Fetzer’s amazing book, "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook?" which has just clobbered the official fairy tale?  Ask him yourself!

There are many questions that Alex Jones must now be forced to answer about this censorship.  


Info Wars Article on Sandy Hook Book Ban – Even From Google Cache!

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February 22, 2018 at 07:05PM


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